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A hammertoe can be painful, but expert podiatric care can resolve your symptoms. At Eastside Foot & Ankle in Portland and Gresham, Oregon, you can meet with experienced podiatrists to find pain relief. Timothy J. Mineo, DPM, have years of experience treating a wide range of foot problems, and he provides compassionate, one-on-one care in a comfortable setting. The Eastside Foot & Ankle team works together with you to help you choose the right treatment. If you're struggling with a hammertoe, help is available. Call either office today or book an appointment online.

Hammertoe Q & A

What is hammertoe?

A hammertoe is a type of foot deformity. Hammertoes develop due to a problem with the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in your toes. Instead of them holding your toes straight, you may develop a bend in the middle joints of your toes.

If you have a hammertoe, you might experience pain in your toes or feet. Hammertoes can also rub up against your shoes as you walk. Many people with hammertoe develop corns or calluses around the affected toe. These calluses can be both painful and unsightly.

What causes hammertoe?

Many cases of hammertoe are caused by an injury to the toes or feet. Broken or badly sprained toes can sometimes damage your muscles and ligaments. If this damage doesn't heal correctly, you may develop a hammertoe.

Hammertoe is also linked to certain types of footwear. Shoes that crowd or pinch your feet may cause permanent damage to the muscles in your toes. That's why it's essential to always wear shoes that are comfortable and fit well.

If you are one of the people born with abnormalities in your toe muscles, they can affect the way you walk, stand, and balance yourself.

Over time, the muscles in your toe may contract, causing hammertoe. The experts at Eastside Foot & Ankle can help correct these deformities and relieve your foot pain.

What measures can treat hammertoe?

Mild cases of hammertoe can often be fixed by wearing different shoes. Foot exercises may also help stretch your muscles and ligaments. The Eastside Foot & Ankle team can teach you how to perform exercises that keep your feet healthy.

But if your hammertoe is causing severe pain, your podiatrist may recommend surgery. Both podiatrists at Eastside Foot & Ankle are experienced surgeons, and they can provide top-quality surgical care.

How can I prevent hammertoe?

Hammertoes don't appear overnight. Instead, they usually develop over many months or years. Early treatment can help keep hammertoe from getting worse.

It's also essential to wear comfortable shoes that fit your feet. The Eastside Foot & Ankle team can help you select shoes that will keep your feet healthy. They also offer custom-fitted orthotics, which can relieve pain and keep foot problems from getting worse.

Tired of living with a hammertoe? Ready to explore your treatment options? Call Eastside Foot & Ankle today or book an appointment online.